Bài Test English 4 - Movers 3 - Lê Văn Tám Primary School

  Part 2: Listen and write. There is one example

Zoe’s party 
Day of birthday party: ……………………........... 
1 Number of children at the party: …………………………...

2 Kind of birthday cake: ………………………cake

3 Kind of drinks: some……………………...

4 Food at the party: …………..with vegetables 
5 After the party we: went to funfair in………... 

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Bài Test English 4 - Movers 3 - Lê Văn Tám Primary School
places where there is (4) grass. But 
(5).. colours aren’t very different. Most horses and donkeys 
are white, black, brown or grey. 
Example: from for with 
1. more worse many 
2. Why When What 
3. long longer longest 
4. no not nothing 
5. their them theirs 
PART 5: Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the 
sentences about the story. You can use 1,2 or 3 words. 
Where’s our car? 
Dad and Zoe live in the city. Last Saturday, they drove into a big car park under the shopping 
center. Then they walked to the sports shop. Zoe needed a new swimsuit and she found one that 
was really pretty. Dad bought a new tennis racket there, too. 
Then they had lunch in a nice café. 
Zoe and her father’s home is in the city . 
Zoe and Dad went to the shopping centre by car 
1. Zoe found a pretty  in the sports shop. 
2. They went to a  for their lunch. 
They had pasta with tomato sauce. Then they bought lots of vegetables from the supermarket, 
and got some new books from the library. They walked around the pet shop, too. When Zoe 
smiled at the blue parrot, it said ‘Hello!’ to her. 
At the end of the day, they had lots of bags to carry back to the car park. 
3. Zoe had some .. with her pasta. 
4. After they went to the supermarket and the  , Zoe and Dad 
went into a pet shop. 
5. Zoe and Dad had to carry  back to the car park. 
‘Where’s our car?’ Zoe asked. 
‘I don’t know!’ said Dad. ‘There are hundreds and hundreds of cars 
here now!’ 
Zoe and Dad walked up and down the car park but they couldn’t find it. 
‘Look! There’s a blue parrot again! It’s on the top of one of the cars!’ Zoe said. 
‘That’s OUR car. Hooray!’ Dad answered. ‘What a clever parrot!’ 
‘Happy to help!’ said the parrot and then it flew off. 
‘Did the parrot really say that?’ Mum asked when they got home. 
‘Yes!’ Zoe laughed. 
6. Zoe and Dad .. their car because there were lots of cars in the car 
7. The ..

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